Text Me Out is deprecating our Text and Email alerts in favor of our new mobile application.  Our mobile application is available for both iOS and Android platforms.  Please click here for more information.  See below for answers to a few common questions regarding this change.

Why has Text Me Out deprecated email and text alerts?

Recently we have had issues reliably delivering our text alerts to users on the ATT network.  We expect that in the future we would have issues with other carriers as well.  Our new mobile application allows us to deliver alerts to your phone faster and more reliable than ever.  As for email alerts, they were often caught in spam filters and users never received them.  Even when they were deliver they would often take minutes to arrive on a phone, making them unreliable.

I was already enrolled for text or email alerts.  Will I still receive them?

For now, yes.  You will continue to receive alerts via text and/or email as you had previously configured them.  However, you will not be able to change any settings related to these alerts.  For example, you will not be able to add or remove departments.  We encourage you to switch to our mobile application.

I want to change settings for the Text and/or Email alerts I am already subscribed to.

You will no longer be able to make any changes to your Text and/or Email alerts.  Our new mobile application offers all the features and options that were previously available for Text and Email alerts.  We enourage you to switch to our mobile application and unsubscribe to our Text and/or Email alerts by clicking here

I would like to stop my Text and/or Email alerts.

Please visit our Unsubscribe page by clicking here.  Simply enter your phone number and/or email address you would like to stop receiving alerts at.  Please be aware that once you unsubscribe you will never be able to receive alerts via that method again.

Will Text Me Out completely stop Text and Email alerts in the future?

Yes.  However, we have not set a date for this.  Text Me Out will provide at least 3 months notice before we completely stop sending Text and Email alerts.