Ever get paged out at 3am in the morning and stumble through a dark house having to turn on each light along the way? Now you never have to get paged out in the dark again! Text Me Out can automatically turn on any Philips Hue lights you choose in your home instantly when you are paged out at night. Your lights will be on before you even have a chance to begin getting out of bed. If you have Hue lights you can easily get this set up below.

So how does this work? When we detect a fire page between dusk and dawn we will check to see if you have any lights configured to come on. If you do, we will send a command remotely to your Philips Hue Bridge to turn on your selected light(s). This will all happen within seconds. All you need is a Text Me Out account and Philips Hue lights in your home.

Click here to see our FAQ page on our Lights feature.


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